This site includes some informations about me and (hopefully) interesting notes and links. There's a section with some pictures and others with downloads and other stuff.

My profile

Hi, i'm Umberto Galtarossa and i'm a Computer Engineer. I got a Master's Degree in Engineering and Computer Science at Politecnico di Milano. I was born in Bolzano (a small city in north Italy). Some pictures of Bolzano are available in the Images section.

Now i live in Vigevano, a beautiful city between Milan and Pavia. I'm married with my beloved wife Abbondanza: she's an Engineer too (we usually talk in binary code!). Here you can read something more about me on my Curriculum Vitae (ITALIAN), or (ENGLISH).

Site Structure

Notes: Some personal considerations and thoughts that i wish to share with you. You can find some on-line books and other links.

Images: Some pictures about me, my friend and my family. This is maybe the most updated section: it includes live events and concerts. Check it out!

Downloads: Some unix script, online games and other things.

Didactics: Some presentations, manuals and free books.

You can also find other pages and links (like BEER!), in almost every page of the site. Robotics section contains my MD Thesys and other stuff.

My programs/scripts are free software and are published according to the GPL license: no warranty provided. Software linked by this site is copyrighted by the authors and companies. Please read the copyright notes. Other files available in this site are free and in free formats.


My interests are about Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Music and more! Some interesting things are in the Downloads section and in the Robotics/AI section. If you like AI and Robots, the (italian) site of Remondini Denis can be useful. You can search papers about computer science on Citeseer. I like Ski and Judo: i'm black belt, first DAN. I like my two cats: Maxwell and Tiger (aka the small one and the BIG one!). Music is a big part of my life: i like Metal music and my favorite band is EVERGREY.


You can find some "live" pictures on the IMAGES page. Other bands that i like are: Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Manowar, Disturbed and others.